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Our fantastic collection offers a range of colours and prints along with fabrics that have a performance backing which will retain the heat for you in the winter months and reflect the heat in the summer, keeping your room cool, thereby making pleateds a great product for conservatories.

Our pleated blinds are available in both 20 and 25mm pleats.  Our stunning collection offers you solid colours, soft pastels and mid-tones alongside classical and contemporary designs, including a pearlised collection with an attractive crush effect.   With the introduction of the honeycomb pleated blind the fabric gives the benefit of no visible holes, thereby cutting out the pin prick light holes associated with the standard pleats.

Our collection of fabrics contains ranges which feature a unique finish, specifically created to provide higher standards of solar and optical performance. This finish is known as  SPC (solar protective coating) and SPF (solar pearlised finish)  that will reflect and filter light to help reduce heat build up in your room. 

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