Children are naturally inquisitive which mean many household products, including blinds, pose a potential risk to them. In response to this, all blinds sold by Benasa Blinds are operated by one of the following methods, depending on the product: motorisation; breakaway chain; tension; slow rise; wand. Additionally, Stabilisation chains are note used on our Vertical blinds, we use weighted sealed pocket louvres.

Child safety is top priority with new EU legislation, introduced in 2013, Child Safety Legislation EN13120 (fixings). As part of Benasa Blind compliance with these regulations, all blinds have built in safety mechanism to help to reduce the risk of an accident.

Below are some general tips to consider when having blinds in the home;

  • Move furniture (chairs, beds and cots) away from your windows and blinds; so that children cannot climb up and reach the blinds operational mechanisms.
  • Install your blinds and safety devices according to the correct installation instruction.
  • Furthermore, have a professional fitter install the product.

For further information regarding child safety at home, you may like to visit the British Blinds and Shutter Association,

If you want to know more about the Child Safety features available with Benasa Blind products we can discuss more in your advice appointment.

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